A ZonneDeel (SolarShare) is a bond of 25 euros in a solar energy project. By investing via our platform you collaborate in financing a solar project and will receive interest based on the proceeds from your (part of a) solar panel section.


Specifics of a ZonneDeel (SolarShare)

  • Each Solar Share is an investment of 25 euros
  • The characteristics of a share (return, duration, expected production, and guarantees of a SolarShare) may differ. The characteristics are described in the Information Memorandum of each project (in Dutch).
  • The return depends on the amount of solar power produced (in kWh) and the electricity price, just like solar panels on your own roof. More sun gives a higher return. Therefore, the actual return can vary. Note that a fixed interest rate is possible as well. 



  • The return (ZonneRente) is paid out annually. This happens about 3 weeks after the end of an interest year. 
  • You receive a higher return as a customer of the collaborating energy supplier of that specific project. You can enter your energy supplier details in the ZonnepanelenDelen dashboard.
  • In addition to the return, your investment is also repaid. In a linear repayment structure, the principal amount of the investment is repaid in equal instalments over the investment term. In a bullet repayment structure, the entire principal amount of the investment is repaid in a single payment at the end of the investment term. Most ‘ZonneDelen’ projects have an investment term of 15 years.
  • The issuance date, expected return and kWh production of each project can be found on the statistics page.



Investing carries risks. General risks include:

  • The return. The return on your SolarShare is variable.
  • Repayment of your investment. Examples are changing regulations, a calamity or bankruptcy of one of the contracting parties.
  • Many of the risks are minimised by clearly defining agreements and insurance. The risks and the steps taken to cover them as effectively as possible are described in Chapter 6 of the Information Memorandum. ZonnepanelenDelen ensures that you can invest in solar energy projects as safely as possible.


Three phases of a solar project:


1. Funding Phase

The project is open for funding until the required amount is raised. The length of the funding phase can be found on our webpage. 


Once 100% funding has been reached, the project proceeds. At that point, the issuing institution can officially allocate and issue the SolarShares. Otherwise, investors receive their investment back. ZonnepanelenDelen still maintains a 100% success rate and has successfully funded all launched projects.


2. Construction Phase

Once a project has reached 100% funding, the construction or installation phase of the solar energy system can begin.


Initially, the issuing institution officially allocates and issues the SolarShares. Following this, you will receive a final confirmation of your investment via email, and you can subsequently observe this investment reflected in your ZonnepanelenDelen dashboard.


Once the project owner receives the investment, construction can commence, typically spanning a duration of 2 to 3 months. The project owner maintains communication with investors through email, providing regular updates on the progress.


3. Production Phase

Upon the completion of the solar energy system's construction, the generation of solar power commences. Following the connection of the monitoring system, you can monitor the returns from your SolarShares through your ZonnepanelenDelen dashboard. Additionally, a monthly overview is sent to you via email.


On an annual basis, you receive the returns and any repayments. Three weeks prior to the conclusion of the interest year, ZonnepanelenDelen sends you a reminder to review your details (such as address, bank information, and potentially customer details from your energy supplier) to ensure accurate and timely payment transfers.